So you want to Tele

So you want to Tele

Winter is here! 

Are you interested in learning how to Telemark ski?

The name for Tele Tuesdays came from exactly that -- a learning experience at Beaver Creek's Nordic Center that they call Tele Tuesday.

The best way to learn to tele is to take a lesson with an instructor. Whether you're a recovering alpine skier, a snowboarder looking for something new, or a complete beginner, an instructor can give you a nuanced, personalized foundation that will enable you to continue practicing on your own. Group lessons are great because you can meet others that are on the same learning path as you. We've listed some great resources below.

Feel free to email us at or message us directly to get your program or resource added to the list.



If you're not on the mountain, check out these books and videos while you're planning your next snow day!
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